Thinking About A Solar Lease ?


Better Think Again!



A leased Solar System

A Purchased Solar System

Typical cost for an installed 4.75kW, $0 down, 20 year leased system after 20 years worth of $117 per month lease payments:


That's Nearly 3 Times The Cost Of A Purchase!

Typical cost from us, for an installed 4.75kW purchased system after applying the 30% federal tax credit:



Leased solar panels are typically made in Taiwan, Singapore or some other foreign country.


These all black solar panels are made in the U.S.A. U.S. Made Solar Panels


In the future, despite improvements in performance and
esthetics, you don't own the solar system, so you cant sell
the system or upgrade. You'll be stuck with the same
aging solar panels on your roof for the 20 year term of
your solar lease.


Since you own your system with a purchase, you can sell your system at any time and use the money to upgrade to the latest solar panel technology.


You're paying so much more for your leased system when compared to a purchase that it's actually you who will be
for your own repairs, monitoring and insurance.


You'll save so much more money by purchasing your solar system and keeping the 30% federal tax credit, that even after typical repairs, monitoring and insurance costs, you'll still come
out tens of thousands of dollars ahead over the life of your purchased solar system.


Check that leasing quote to see if that leasing company even bothers to mention the brand and model of the solar panels, inverter and mounting system that you're going to be paying
for over the next 20 years?


You'll know exactly what your getting when you purchase
one of our U.S. made solar panel based, higher performance systems, right down to the last specification. We don't try to
hide the details. We're proud of the products that we offer!


Many leased solar panels offer a poorer temperature
coefficient rating
resulting in a -0.44% loss of power
for every degree above 25 degrees C.


Our higher performance U.S. made Stion solar panels offer an industry leading -0.26% temperature coefficient rating for
higher energy production in warm/hot climates.


Many leased solar systems include solar panels with
standard PTC to STC ratios
which according to the
California Energy Commission, is an indicator of real
world performance. A PTC to STC ratio of .890% to
.905% is common for leased solar panels.


The higher performance, U.S. made Stion solar panels in these purchased solar systems offer a very high 92.92% PTC to STC ratio for better real world performance.


Imagine trying to sell your home in the future with 9 year
old solar panels on your roof while trying to convince
your homebuyer to assume the 11 remaining years
your solar lease. In addition, why would someone want to
buy your home and assume your remaining payments on a
used solar system, when they can buy a brand new solar
system for less, and keep the 30% federal tax credit ?

Good luck!


Again, since you own your system with a purchase, you can
sell your system at any time and use the money to
upgrade to the latest solar panel technology if you wish.

Plus, since you own the system, there won't be any payments
for your homebuyer to assume.


The choice is clear. In most cases, if you want to rent a poorer performing solar system with Chinese/foreign made solar panels for the next 20 years, while giving away your 30% federal tax credit and any available cash rebate, and paying nearly 3 times more than what you would have paid had you purchased your solar system instead, then you should lease.

On the other hand, if that simply doesn't sound appealing to you, then do yourself a huge financial favor and purchase your solar system for a far better return on your investment.



Mitsubishi Electric Solar Panels Are So Tough That They're Warranted For Use In Oceanfront Environments.


Solar Panels Used In South Carolina Salt Air Environments


Mitsubishi Electric Is One Of The Only Solar Panel Manufacturers That Warrants Their Solar Panels For Use In Oceanfront Environments.

So Just Imagine How Long They'll Last In The Desert!



Mitsubishi Electric Solar

Mitsubisgi Electric Solar Logo

Since 1974









Only $1.59 A Watt For A Complete Solar System Before Incentives !


Why lease a solar system when you can buy one for less that 1/3 the cost leasing and keep the 30% federal tax credit any any available financial incentives for a much better return on investment ?

Our prices on these two, high performance, name brand, grid tie solar energy systems are so incredibly low that it makes absolutely no sense to even consider a solar lease.

Bring us your best written quote from Bring us your best written quote from SolarCity®, Verengo®,  SunPowe®, Vivint®, Sungevity®, Lowes®, Peterson Dean, Horizon Solar, REC Sola®, American Solar Direct or Home Depot® and we'll blow that quote right out of the water.

And speaking of Verengo® and SolarCity®, bring us their $1,000.00 off deal that they offer from time to time and we'll show you what a real discount on a name brand solar system can mean to the bottom line.

In fact in most, if not all cases, we can save you thousands while offering you a higher performance home solar system for a faster payback!



We're Having A Limited Time Overstock Solar Energy Panels System Super Sale !

Grid Tie Solar Kits Sale

At these incredibly low prices it make absolutely no sense for anyone to even consider an expensive solar lease or for anyone to continue to pay their high electric bills.

Why not finally say goodbye to the high cost of energy by making your own free electricity with a brand new maintenance free, state of the art photovoltaic system!


NewEnergy Solar Fronius Solar Power Kit                     Stion Solar Grid Tie Solar Energy Kit


5.040 kW

Sentinel Grid Tie Solar Systems 

Solar Panels With 25 Year Linear Warranty.

Complete System !

With 1,500 Watts Of Emergency Power Without Batteies During Daylight Hours !

Only $8,013.00

This Is No Misprint !

Only $1.59 A Watt

5.040 kW

U.S. Made Solar Panels

U.S. Made Black On Black Very High Performance Solar Panels.

Complete System !

With Power Optimizers That Blow Micro Inverter Performance Right Out Of The Water !

Only $9,576.00

This Is No Misprint !

Only $1.90 A Watt


SMA Inverters Logo

Orion Racking Logo

This Brand New high performance, tier one, name brand, 
5.04 kW grid tie solar electric system includes 18 high efficiency Poly Crystalline solar panels with a 25 year factory warranty. A complete U.S. made Orion mounting rack system with a 15 year warranty. And an SMA America state of the art 96.5%
CEC efficiency inverter.

With a much better 0% negative tolerance + 3% Watts rating, higher strength Orion mounting racks, up to 1,500 watts of emergency power without batteries, during daylight hours and a much better price than many other systems on the market.

Only $1.59 per watt

And That's Before Any
Incentives !

You Can Actually Own This System For Less Than 1/3 The Cost That A 20 Year $0 Down Solar Lease Will Cost You !

Hurry These System Prices Are First Come First Served !


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Stion Solar Logo

SolarEdge Inverter Logo

Orion Racking Logo

With Power Optimizers For Performance Monitoring For Every Pair Of Solar Panels And Shade Mitigation !

A Better 92.92% PTC To STC Ratio Than The Vast Majority Of SunPower's Solar Panel Models And A Better -0.26% Temperature Coefficient Than Sunpower At Nearly Half Of SunPower's System Pricing.

And They're U.S. Made !

This Brand New ultra high performance, name brand, 5.04 kW grid tie solar electric system includes higher performance Stion New High Tech CIGS solar panels with a 25 year factory warranty. A complete U.S. made Orion mounting rack system with a 15 year warranty. 18 high performance SolarEdge 400 watt power optimizers with a 99.5% efficiency rating. And a SolarEdge state of the art 97.5%CEC, 98.3% peak efficiency inverter. Take advantage of our limited time "SunSational offer" and we'll give you a free permit submission package. Plus take advantage of our "Free in 30" offer and you'll receive your choice of free flashings or tile hooks! 

The Stion solar panels that are included in this special offer, provides a better PTC to STC ratio than nearly every solar panel
on the California Energy Commission's list of approved solar
panels for better "real world performance".

Only $1.90 per watt

And That's Before Any
Incentives !

You Can Actually Own This System For Nearly 1/3 The Cost That A 20 Year $0 Down Solar Lease Will Cost You !

Hurry These System Prices Are First Come First Served !


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These Complete Grid Tie Solar Energy Systems Also Include:

1. Free solar rebate application processing assistance

2. Free roof layout design assistance

3. Free lifetime technical support

4. Free single line drawings.

5. Even Includes mounting racks and and your choice of roof flashings or tile hooks on our SolarEdge inverter systems !


Orion Solar Racking Roof Flashings

The Above Posted Prices Have Already Had Solar Home's SolarGreenBacks Discount Applied. Quantities Are Limited. No Rain Checks. This Is A First Come First Served Offer.





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We'll Beat Any Nationally Advertised, In Stock Price On Our Same, Top Of The Line Grid Tie Solar Systems, Or Your System Is Free !

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Solar Panel Financing



Which Would You Rather Pay For The Same Size System And The Same Amount Of Power Production ?

4.75 kW System Solar Lease

4.75 kW System Solar Purchase


After 20 Years Worth Of $117.00 Per Month Lease

Your Cost $28,080

And That's Without Considering The Annual Payment Escalator Of Up To 2.9% Per Year For 20 Years.

And That's Even After, The Leasing/PPA Company Takes The 30% Federal Tax Credit, Typically Worth Over $7,500, At Their Much High Pricing And They'll Take Any Applicable Cash Rebate!



The Typical Final Cost After A Typical $1.30 Per Watt Installation Fee, Minus The 30% Federal Tax Credit.


Your Cost $10,419

And The Best Part Is That You'll Own The System For A Much Better Return On Investment.

Unlike a solar lease, you'll pay far less and you'll own your home solar system and get to keep the 30% federal tax credit and any other financial incentives for a much better return on investment.




Read Above And You Decide.



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The best tech support


Our tech support staff's knowledge of DWP Solar Power Panel applications is backed by over 16 years of experience.

We've operated one of the oldest solar repair centers in the U.S. for well over a decade so our staff knows exactly what makes a great solar product right down to the last schottky diode.

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